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For more background information about the project; our aims and objectives, please go to about GLAADH

The GLAADH website contains information about the progress of the project and its outcomes as well as providing a one-stop resource for teachers and students who are working on culturally diverse subjects within the art, architecture and design history curriculum.

  • Latest news from the GLAADH Initiatives
  • A new bibliography on aspects of Indian art, architecture and design.
  • Two new bibliographies on Islamic art.
  • More specialists to choose from on the GLAADH List of Subject and Teaching Specialists. Browse through the full list or search the database using keywords.
  • GLAADH Conference Report
    Globalising Art, Architecture and Design History?
    Debating approaches to changing the curriculum in the UK
    Three years on from its inception, the GLAADH Project culminated in a conference bringing together some hundred nation-wide subject specialists and lecturers, to share information and discuss best practice in relation to questions of globalisation and diversification in the fields of art, architecture and design histories. The conference was punctuated by two inspiring and provocative keynotes from Professor Donald Preziosi, UCLA, and Dr. Kobena Mercer, Middlesex University. Between these ran a series of concurrent sessions where representatives from the 10 GLAADH Initiatives discussed methodology, theory and best practice.
  • Case Study reports by the 10 GLAADH Initiatives charting and evaluating the process of implementing cirricula change, with links to new course materials and bibliographies.

Information and News

  • Information about the project and its background
  • Information about the 1st GLAADH Workshop and a Survey of current practice (2001) at HEI that offer a degree in Art, Architecture and Design History in the UK
  • Archive of GLAADH Bulletins

GLAADH Resources

  • A searchable database which includes links to online resources such as image banks, museums and libraries, online syllabi, online teaching resources and online bibliographies etc
  • The GLAADH list of teaching and subject specialists in the UK
  • Course Materials and Bibliographies provided by the 10 GLAADH Initiatives
  • Course materials and bibliographies provided by UK specialists covering culturally diverse subjects and geographical areas

GLAADH Community

  • Information about the GLAADH community
  • Information about and link to the JISC email archive
  • Comments and feedback form

GLAADH Outcomes

  • Case Studies by departments across the UK which are working to implement more culturally diverse curricula in Art, Architecture and Design History, with the support of GLAADH
  • Case Studies from other institutions in the UK which have changed their curriculum to encompass less traditionally studied cultures
  • Information about workshops organised by GLAADH for the 10 Initiatives
  • Information about the Teaching Islamic Art and Architecture workshop

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