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GLAADH was a project of art and design historians at the University of Sussex, The Open University and Middlesex University. It was funded by the Fund for Development of Teaching and Learning (FDTL) which is supported by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). (If you want more information about those acronyms, you can find it here)

The GLAADH project sought, over three years, to encourage and embed cultural diversity in the Art, Architecture and Design History curriculum. We started from the premise that much of the current range of teaching in the subject was not properly identified in the last round of Subject Review. We aimed to identify existing good practice, as well as promote and support emerging teaching and learning strategies in the subject, appropriate to a multicultural society within a global context.

One of the aims of the project was to launch relevant staff development initiatives to help teachers in Higher Education institutions across the UK integrate into the curriculum the arts of less traditionally studied cultures and communities. (For example, Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas, but also including those within Europe).

The GLAADH Bulletin provided up to date information on practical resources, including exhibitions and conferences, as well as reporting on the progress of the project. It also provided an opportunity to raise issues and ideas relating to cultural diversity in the fields of art, architecture and design history.

Over the three years our priorities were:

In the first year (2001):

  • Carry out a survey of existing provision across the UK and Scotland
  • Support the plenary session at the Association of Art Historians' conference to stimulate discussion
  • Launch its website, bulletin and an email discussion list (JISCmail)
  • Hold a workshop for interested teachers of art, architecture and design history

In 2002:

  • Develop the website with case studies of teaching and learning materials
  • Develop a resources guide
  • Identify a number of Initiatives for more intensive collaboration
  • Provide, advise and share information through the JISC discussion list

In 2003:

  • Hold workshops for the Initiatives
  • Present case study reports from institutions where greater cultural diversity has been embedded within the curriculum.
  • Hold a conference to present the outcomes and conclude the project

The project management team was based at the three participating universities. Over the three years the team consisted of:

University of Sussex: Professor Craig Clunas and Norma Rosso (Project Manager)
The Open University: Professor Catherine King, Viviana Narotzky (2001 - April 2002) Emma Gieben-Gamal (Project Research Officer)
Middlesex University: Prof Barry Jackson, Dr Simon Ofield, Leon Wainwright (2001-Aug 2002), Susan Pui San Lok (Project Research Officer)

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