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GLAADH's working remit was initially to reach a group of just under 50 subject providers in UK HE institutions. However, the website also aims to reach a broader constituency of art, architecture and design history teachers, undergraduate and postgraduate students working in the UK as well as a world-wide community of interested individuals.

We want to encourage everyone who is interested in what we are trying to do, to share their experiences and opinions with us.

Coming Soon:

  • A Message Board page which will replace the JISC email list as a way to communicate with other members of the GLAADH community. You can use the message board to ask questions, share information about exhibitions, conferences and resources, or circulate calls for papers and job vacancies etc. As soon as the Message Board has been activated, you will be able to contribute to it by emailing your message to Emma Gieben-Gamal who will post new messages on the page once a month.

What you can find in this section now:

  • Information about the JISC email list that was set up for the life of the project as well as a link to the JISC archive of correspondence that was sent by GLAADH community members
  • The opportunity to send us your feedback, or offer help by providing material, information, or ideas. You can contribute to GLAADH by filling out the form below. Please give as much detail as you can.

Suggestions for contributions are:

  • I can provide a bibliography
  • I would be like to be included on the Subject and Teaching Specialist List
  • I can share some course material
  • I have useful information on existing resources
  • I have a piece of writing that could be published online
  • I would like to link my website to yours







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