Vision And Subjectivity In Chinese Art

Prof. Craig Clunas, University of Sussex



Readings for the course ‘Vision and Subjectivity in Chinese Art’ (link to: course outline: Vision course.doc)



Although they are not in any sense the ‘textbooks’ for the course, there is an overview of some of the ideas we will look at in:

Craig Clunas, Pictures and Visuality in Early Modern China (London, 1997)

Wu Hung, The Double Screen: Medium and Representation in Chinese Painting (London, 1996)

The following is by no means a comprehensive list of works on Chinese art, but these are some of the standard works which may prove useful:

Craig Clunas, Art in China (Oxford, 1997)

James Cahill, Parting at the Shore: Chinese Painting of the Early and Middle Ming Dynasty (New York and Tokyo, 1978)

James Cahill, The Distant Mountains: Chinese Painting of the Late Ming Dynasty, 1570-1644 (New York and Tokyo, 1981)

Wen Fong, Possessing the Past (New York, 1996) Eight Dynasties of Chinese Painting: The Collections of the Nelson Gallery-Atkins Museum, Kansas City, and the Cleveland Museum of Art (Cleveland, 1980)

J.S. Turner ed., The MacMillan Dictionary of Art (London, 1996)

Wai-kam Ho ed., The Century of Tung Ch'i-chang 1555-1636, 2 vols (Seattle and London, 1992), vol 1, p.49

Richard Barnhart ed., Painters of the Great Ming: the Imperial Court and the Zhe School (Dallas, 1993), pp.89-125