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This section of the web site presents case study reports, and follow up reports one year on, by 10 GLAADH Initiatives; projects established within university departments and supported by GLAADH to implement more culturally diverse curricula in Art, Architecture and Design History. Their reports offer a unique window onto the process of instituting curriculum change whilst providing an opportunity to learn from the experiences and advice offered by the participants.

The GLAADH Initiatives each represent diverse ways of enacting change across a broad scope of topic areas. Most are concerned with drawing together resources, some approaching local museums and collections for access and assistance, as well as reviewing what is available in print, visual and other material. Many also involve researching unfamiliar topics. All the Initiatives have focused on innovative strategies for teaching and learning, in some cases using digitisation and new technologies to make resources more widely available. Consistent themes across the Initiatives revolve around the aim to develop and strengthen resources: staff resources and access to specialists; access to visual resources; and accessibility of supporting literature. Collaboration between institutions has also been a key aspect.

You will find below, a list of the ten Initiatives together with a short summary of their project and a link to their case study report. From there you can access two further background reports as well as feedback from students and course outlines and bibliographies produced as consequence of the changes enacted.

Anglia Polytechnic University


Project Description: A wide-based change in the BA (Hons) Art History degree, accommodating a range of African, American and Asian topics into seven existing modules at levels 1, 2 and 3. The changes will involve accessing museums, collections and historic buildings in the Southeast of England.


Timescale: All modules to be taught 2002-3.


Contact: Paul Shakeshaft


Birkbeck College


Project Description: A project to develop film resources for teaching World Cinema at postgraduate level.


Timescale: Autumn 2002: MA launch.


Contact: Michael Allen


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University of Central England, Birmingham


Project Description: A two-strand project introducing multi-media applications for one of the school's key globally-focused courses, whilst developing staff and resources for Chinese and Japanese art and design at levels 1 and 2.


Timescale: Feb 2001 - July 2003.


Contact: Jonathan Day


De Montfort University, Leicester


Project Description: A two-strand project which introduces a focus on South Asian contemporary crafts to an existing level 2 and 3 module, whilst making accessible the visual archive of PRASADA (Practice, Research and Advancement in South Asian Design and Architecture). The project will also access craft expertise and material found locally in the city of Leicester.


Timescale: 2003: Present revised module. 2002/3: Key digital images to be available.


Contact: Richard Fynes


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University of Edinburgh


Project Description: Initiating a level 3 and 4 course on Latin American Modernism, and other lectures at levels 1 and 2, using visual material relevant to modernist architecture and public art in Mexico. The materials are to be created through a field trip to Mexico City, and will be disseminated.


Timescale: Sept 2002: Visit to Mexico. Spring 2004: New teaching at level 1/level2/Honours.


Contact: Richard J. Williams


University of Glasgow, University of St. Andrews and Aberdeen University


Project Description: A collaborative project between the three universities to develop an academic network of specialists and teaching resources dealing with the material culture of Central and Eastern Europe. The project involves developing a web-based teaching resource, and a new team-taught Honours course.


Timescale: April - Dec 2002: Curriculum development, scanning and cataloguing images. Jan - June 2003: Deliver team-taught Honours course.


Contact: Juliet Kinchin and Shona Kallestrup


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University of Kingston


Project Description: A broad-based project to integrate diversity at all undergraduate levels in AADH and in the MA Design History, including material drawn from outside Europe, diasporic spaces and Southern and Eastern Europe. Dissemination of materials and methods will also take place within the University and beyond.


Timescale: Feb 2002 - Jan 2004: Develop courses at levels 1 - 3 HAAD for teaching 2003 - 2004, develop MA Design History and MA Curating Contemporary Design and present workshops.


Contact: Fran Lloyd


University of Manchester


Project Description: A strategy to unlock existing museum resources in the Northwest of England relevant to African art, develop a resource of images and object documentation, introduce such material at level 3 and postgraduate level, and to widely disseminate these teaching resources.


Timescale: Feb 2004: Pilot teaching tools in BA and MA classes. June 2004: Internal and external Evaluations.


Contact: Thomas Dowson


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University of Plymouth


Project Description: A two-strand project to broaden two existing modules (at levels 1 and 3) toward more diverse topics, and to create a level 2 module using the World Cultures collection at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter. This new module will emphasise artistic culture in 19th century Africa, the Pacific and Native North America.


Timescale: Feb 2002 - Jan 2003: Development and validation.


Contact: Stephanie Pratt


Sheffield Hallam University


Project Description: A project to establish an undergraduate module focused on 'transculturation' and the visual arts, and to develop on-line resources.


Timescale: Jan-June 2003: Information goes on-line, new module delivered, evaluation, development of resources continues. Sept 2003 - Jan 2004: Dissemination, development for level 3.


Contact: Rose Cooper


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