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One of the site's key functions is to provide a one-stop resource centre to support the integration of cultural diversity in the curriculum.

The Search Database is our recommended route to navigate the GLAADH website and to find digital resources on the wider web. As a database of web materials compiled specifically for the broad interest areas of the GLAADH community, it's quite unique. Here you'll see that we've done what many other web links pages mostly fail to do: to provide DESCRIPTIONS of useful sites and data, in view of the needs of teaching and learning and more general research.

Through GLAADH's searchable database, you can access relevant bibliographies, locate people with expertise, and download teaching resources. Here are some of the resources that are now available through our database:

  • Bibliographies and bibliographical databases.
  • Teaching materials, including course outlines, downloadable PowerPoint presentations, reading lists, links to image banks and specialised slides providers, etc.
  • Access to useful texts, including full-text journal articles, literature reviews, book reviews and other written material.
  • Selected links to existing online resources and subject specific web gateways
  • A list of subject and teaching specialists whose range of expertise covers some of the areas GLAADH seeks to work in. These could be called upon to give guest lectures, run workshops or seminars, supervise dissertations or provide a mentor service

In addition to the searchable database, you can also find on this section of the website: